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Billy Mullinax
General Manager
(615) 784-1160

Chris Ray
General Sales Manager

Chris joined Rockie Williams Premier in February 2019 as General Sales Manager. He got into the automotive industry in 2013 when a close friend recruited him to come to work at a dealership with him. After explaining that he knew nothing about cars, his friend replied, "no but you know about people." He has been serving people and providing excellent customer service ever since.

Those "people skills" have enabled Chris to develop strong, lasting relationships with customers and his fellow employees. He provides leadership for all employees, leading by example with the ultimate goal of providing the customer with a "wow" car buying experience while building long lasting relationships.

While Chris is results driven and goal-oriented, he is also a family man and devoted husband and father, enjoying family cookouts and gatherings and spending time with his wife. He loves fast cars, boxing and mixed martial arts.

"I enjoy my job; it gives me the opportunity to coach and develop employees to become better on the job and in life."

Michael Gravens
Sales Manager

Travis Williams
Sales Manager

Mack Sands
Sales Manager

David Roach
Used Car Manager/Buyer



Stephen Ashley
Sales Associate

Albert "AJ" Chavis
Sales Associate

AJ was born in Savannah, Georgia, but grew up in a small town called Pembroke, Georgia. As a Sales Consultant, he enjoys helping his customers find the right car at the right price. AJ has experience in warehousing and was working as an order selector when he decided it was time for something new. He began working in the automotive industry in April 2018. 

AJ understands that buying is vehicle is one of the largest purchases most people make and he likes to put his customers at ease, guiding them through the sales process. Guests benefit from AJ's strong product knowledge. He knows the vehicles he sells well and is Jeep, Ram and Uconnect Certified.

A former collegiate football player and father of two, AJ loves football and hopes to one day try out for a professional football team. He enjoys spending time with his son, Ayden and daughter, Aliyah.

"I enjoy the laid-back atmosphere that allows me to put my full focus on serving our customers."

Allen Ivey
Sales Associate

Dallas Williams
Sales Associate

Lino Lovrenovic
Sales Associate

Ricky Kirby
Sales Associate

Elizabeth Mota
Sales Associate

Jamie Reynolds
Sales Associate

Matthew Robinson
Sales Associate

Matthew joined Rockie Williams Premier as a Service Tech in late 2013. He learned about cars and how to service them growing up in Lebanon, Tennessee. His Dad owned a body shop where Matthew worked as through his teen years. The experience paid off. After only 18 months, Rockie encouraged him to join the sales department, which was an easy, natural fit. Prior to joining Rockie Williams Premier, he also worked as a robot programmer in the paint department at an automotive manufacturing plant. 

As a Sales Consultant, Matthew uses his deep automotive product knowledge and his natural, laid back approach to help his customers find the right vehicle. He enjoys meeting new people, making great connections and working for a company that encourages the best in its employees.

Matthew has a large extended family locally and he and his wife, Alicia, love spending time with their 13 nieces and nephews. In his free time, Matt loves to hunt, fish and just be outdoors.

"I am fortunate to be able work for an owner that truly cares about his employees, provides a great place to work, and the tools to succeed."

Benjaimin Stoll
Sales Associate

Bryan Lambert
Sales Associate

After only 5 months in the automotive industry, Bryan joined Rockie Williams Premier in March 2019 as a Sales Consultant. What Bryan lacks in years of experience, he makes up for in enthusiasm and a drive to help people.  

As a Sales Consultant, Bryan's role is to listen, understand customer's needs and put them in the right vehicle. It's a natural fit for Bryan who is a self-described "people person."

Born in Memphis and raised in Florida, Bryan comes from a very athletic family. While his siblings participated in a variety of sports, Bryan focused on basketball and track during his high school years. His favorite leisure activity is traveling and seeing the world.  

"I like helping others and I am fortunate to be able to earn a living doing something I truly enjoy."

Hans Keener
Sales Consultant

Hans joined Rockie Williams Premier in March 2019 as a Sales Consultant. After many years in business operations and sales administration roles in the building, hardware and craft industries, he is excited to pursue a new career path that provides direct interaction with customers and allows him to use his past experience. And, he is thriving in his new role.

Hans is married to his best friend of more than 33 years. Together, they enjoy spending time with their two married sons and their families. In his free time, Hans and his wife love to travel, especially if it involves sand between their toes!

"I love working with my customers to help them find and own the best vehicle to fit their wants and needs."  

Craig Spankle
Sales Associate

Terri Goodrum
Sales Associate

Lacy Frey
Sales Associate

Ryan Adams
Sales Associate

Ryan joined Rockie Williams Premier in June 2019 as a Sales Associate. With a background in furniture sales, he got his start in the automotive industry in 2008 when he was recruited by one of his customers who worked in automotive sales.

Ryan enjoys listening to his customers' needs, wants and concerns and matching them with the best vehicle. He is excited to be able to use his product knowledge and listening skills to help make the buying process quick and easy. 

When he is not assisting customers, Ryan enjoys doing just about anything outdoors. He loves spending time with his fiancée and three daughters and is expecting his fourth child in early 2020.  

"The best part of my job is the excitement and joy my customers have when they purchase the perfect vehicle."  

Chris Hamblen
Sales Associate


Internet Sales

Terra Williams
Internet Sales Manager

Terra joined Rockie Williams Premier in October 2018 as Internet Sales Manager. A Nashville native, she enjoys the fast pace of the auto industry. Terra, who has a background in Education, got her start in the industry by chance in 2014 when she accepted an administrative position at a local dealership. Within two months, she started the dealership's first BDC (Business Development Center) department.

Terra and her team are generally the first contact a customer has with the dealership, so their rapport and customer interaction is critical to the sales process. She coaches her team to manage all incoming phone and internet leads to ensure a quick response time and a positive first impression of the dealership.

When she is not making sure customers have a consistent point of contact throughout the sales process, Terra enjoys spending time with friends, family and church-related activities. An avid sports fan, she loves watching all sports, and actively follows the Vanderbilt Commodores, Atlanta Braves, Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators sports teams.

"I love the positive team atmosphere at Rockie Williams Premier. To say that I am blessed to be here, is an understatement."

Anna Clark
Internet Sales Agent

Anna grew up in Memphis, TN and got her start in the automotive industry when she moved to Nashville in 2016. She developed and enhanced her customer service skills working in the Internet Sales department at several dealerships before joining the Rockie Williams Premier BDC team. Anna also has experience in automotive finance as a Portfolio Manager. She understands and appreciates the role of an Internet Sales Agent as the initial and consistent contact with customers and enjoys helping customers realize their automotive dreams. 

Following in her parents' footsteps, Anna attended Ole Miss. She enjoys running and competed in cross country for a brief time while in High School, before switching her focus to competitive choir. But running was in her blood and she picked it back up in her early 20's, training for and running half and full marathons. Anna made it a goal to run an ultra marathon before her 30th birthday, and she'll get the chance on March 10, when she will compete in her first 50K (31.3 miles) race. 

An admitted aquarium novice, Anna enjoys the calming nature of the 30,000-gallon fish tank in the dealership's showroom and the enthusiastic, supportive team environment.  

"Rockie Williams is my favorite thing about working here. His smile is infectious and says it all." 

Emma Chadwick-Loeser
Internet Sales Agent

Emma grew up around cars and has always loved them. She wanted a career where she could be around something she loves, so finding a job at Rockie Williams Premier was a great fit. She began working part-time as a dealership receptionist in December 2017 while still in school, joining the BDC Department full-time in early 2019. 

Emma comes from a large family. Growing up in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, she was one of six children who spent a lot of her free time at car shows and working on cars, nurturing her automotive passion.

As an Internet Sales Agent, Emma enjoys reaching out to people who have inquired about a specific vehicle either online or by phone. She answers their questions about specific vehicles, pricing and availability; and pairs them up with one of Rockie Williams Premier's professional sales people. 

"The best part of my job is the opportunity to interact with so many people. I love the friendly staff and how Rockie treats everyone like family." 

Joe Mills
Internet Sales Agent



Andrew Guadalajara
Finance Manager

Joel Jack
Finance Manager

Joel joined the Rockie Williams Premier team in March 2019 as a Finance Manager. Growing up in the West, Joel got his start in the automotive industry in 1989 in Southern California when his next-door neighbor, who was a car salesman, encouraged him to give automotive sales a try. It was a perfect fit and Joel has continued to hone his career in a variety of roles, serving as a salesperson, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager. After 25 years in the automotive business in Minnesota, Joel is excited to be a part of the Finance team at Rockie Williams Premier in Mt. Juliet.

Working with a variety of lenders, Joel enjoys helping customers find the best financing to allow them to own the car of their dreams and he works hard to ensure their experience is happy and easy.

Joel has a grown son and daughter and enjoys golfing and spending time on his boat with the love of his life, Kelly.

"Rockie Williams Premier is a place where you enjoy going to work and the people are the best."

Jeremy Brooks
Finance Manager



Rhonda Stephens
Office Manager

Catherine "Cat" Neal
Human Resource Manager-Accounts Payable

New to the automotive industry, Cat spent more than 20 years in the restaurant, banking and airline industries. She joined Rockie Williams Premier in 2018, assisting the dealership in a variety of roles. As HR Manager - Accounts Payable, Cat oversees the onboarding for all employees and all other HR related issues and is also responsible for all accounts payable functions. 

Cat was born in Independence, Missouri, and moved to Nashville in 1993. She is proud to note that her hometown is also the location of President Harry S. Truman's longtime home and national historic site. 

With a background that includes a variety of customer-facing roles, Cat understands the value of a positive, happy workforce and the correlation between happy employees and satisfied customers. In her accounts payable role, she handles all payroll and related responsibilities, and serves as the unofficial dealership morale officer, adding positive, motivational messages each week on every employee's paycheck stub. 

Cat is married and has three grown sons, including a set of twins. She loves to cook and in her spare time, she and her husband can be found traveling the country in their Ram 2500 truck with their 40-foot travel trailer in tow. 

"I enjoy hearing that my motivational messages made an impact on an employee's day. We all work so hard and it's easy to let a bad day affect our performance. If I can help our team have a positive impact for our customers, that makes my day."  

Kelly Anderson
Assistant Office Manager

Nikki Bates
Office Clerk

Tonia Beauchman
Office Clerk

Nichole Williams
Title Clerk

Nichole joined the Rockie Williams Premier team as a Title Clerk in 2018. After working for seven years in the Special Education department at a local school, she was ready for a change. She prayed for the right opportunity and her prayers were soon answered. With no experience in the automotive industry, Nichole was asked to join the Rockie Williams Premier team.

As a Title Clerk, Nichole's role is essential to the car buying process. She ensures sold vehicles are properly registered according to the laws of the state where the owners reside and secures vehicle license tags. Nichole enjoys working with customers to ensure a pleasant experience. Her goal is to put a smile on the face of every customer.

Nichole was born in Lebanon, Tennessee, but moved to Greenbrier, Tennessee when she was eight. She also lived in Carthage, Tennessee before settling in Lancaster, Tennessee in Smith County.  

Faith, family and baseball are what define Nichole. She is a worship leader and children's teacher at Abundant Harvest Worship Center. Married for 22 years, Nichole and husband, Kevin, have three children that she describes as the part of her heart that walks around outside her body. In the spring, summer and fall, they can be found one of three places - church, home or the ball field. 

"I love our customers, without them I wouldn't be here! But, the best part about my job is that I get to have lunch with my dad every day, since he works here too!"

Kendra Hudson

Kendra is often the first person you will meet when you enter the showroom. While her official title is Receptionist, she is so much more. Kendra helps direct customers to the places they need to go and the people they need to speak with at the dealership. When new vehicles arrive, she logs them in and enters pricing into the dealership's inventory management system.

On Saturdays, she serves as a backup cashier and is the "go-to" for computer issues or when a guest has problems connecting to the complimentary WiFi.  If you have a question, Kendra is the first person to ask. She is also the one who feeds the fish once a day with a special diet of algae pellets and frozen food preparations.

Born and raised in Lebanon, TN, Kendra joined Rockie Williams Premier in 2005 when her aunt, who was the dealership's receptionist, moved into another position. She has been greeting guests in that role ever since.

When she is not at the dealership, Kendra enjoys doing anything crafty and spending time with her pride and joy, her son Jaxon.  

"I enjoy the unpredictability of my job. Every day is different than the day before and there is never a dull moment."

Taylor Shoemake
Night Receptionist

Taylor joined Rockie Williams Premier in July 2017 at the recommendation of a family friend.

As the Night Receptionist, Taylor ensures that guests who visit the dealership during late afternoon and evening business hours receive the same high level of customer care that the dealership has become known for. She enjoys interacting with customers and assisting them in any way she can.

Taylor grew up in Mt. Juliet. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, kayaking, tubing, hiking, swimming and spending time with friends and family.

"Every day is different, so I have to be ready for what each day holds."


Marketing & Customer Relations

Kathleen Lawrence
Marketing Manager

Victoria Cross
Social Media Manager


Fixed Operations/Service

Charles Smith
Fixed Operations Manager

Charles has been in charge of the Service & Parts operation at Rockie Williams Premier since early 2018, but has been involved in the automotive industry for most of his life. He grew up on a dairy farm in East Tennessee and began pulling transmissions when he was 10 years old. But it was during his time in the U.S. Army, when he was in charge of several million-dollars-worth or equipment and parts, that he developed a passion for automotive management. 

He graduated from GM University of Automotive Management is certified with several manufacturers in Service, Parts and Body Shop Operations.

He is passionate about automotive parts and service management and enjoys motivating his team and encouraging them to "wow" the customer every day.

When he's not thinking of ways to keep customers happy, Charles enjoys motorcycling, cross country running, health & fitness and martial arts.

He and his wife, a native of the Azores, have been married for 38 years. He has 2 children. 

"The best part of my job is that I truly love what I do! I work for a great owner and General Manager in a Christian-based environment." 

David Thompson
Assistant Fixed Operations Manager

Donna Cook
Service & Parts Administrator

Meredith Petway
Service Advisor

Steven Stets
Srvice Advisor

Alicia Smith
Service Advisor

Alicia has been a vehicle service advisor at Rockie Williams Premier since 2012. Dedicated to total customer satisfaction, she enjoys working with people and helping her clients understand the "why" behind the services she recommends. Since her first automotive service role as a cashier in 1999, Alicia has focused on delivering service excellence.

Having previously worked for Rockie Williams when he owned a Pontiac-GMC-Cadillac dealership in Lebanon, Alicia values the opportunity to work at a company that treats her like family.

When she's not consulting with customers about recommended vehicle service, Alicia enjoys cutting coupons, shopping for antiques, and spending time with her husband of 12 years, her two children and two grandchildren.

"The best part of my job is helping our customers understand the needs of their vehicle and the value of the services we recommend."


Randall Teat
Service Assistant

Randy came out of retirement to do something he loves - be around the best trucks and muscle cars made in America and work alongside his daughter, Nichole (Title Clerk). He joined the Rockie Williams Premier team in October of 2018 as a Service Assistant, supporting the service management team wherever there is a need to facilitate shop workflow, including transporting customers to various locations while their vehicle is being serviced.  

With certifications in small engine repair, AWSCWI welding, and ASE brake repair, Randy knows his way around engines and mechanics. He spent 25 years in the piping industry, traveling all over the world as a field services tech manager, but his passion for mechanical work, inspired him to open his own Quick Lube store in Carthage, TN, which he held for 12 ½ years.  He also owned and managed a brake and tire repair shop before retiring.  

Randy currently lives in Lancaster, TN, but has lived all over the country. His father was in the Air Force and the family moved often, settling in the Middle Tennessee area when Randy was an adolescent. 

In his free time, Randy enjoys the fruits of his "semi" retirement. He loves fast cars, farming, hunting, golf, studying the Bible, spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, and admits that vacation time is the best. 

"The best part of my job is working with a great team of employees. I love being able to represent the Kingdom of God at a workplace where that is encouraged."

Kirk Winter
Service Technician

Mark Faust
Service Technician

Norman McDonald
Service Technician

Abel Rojas
Service Technician

Matthew Smith
Service Technician

Brian Spinks
Service Technician

Chris Williams
Service Technician

Jeffery Gutch
Detail Assistant

Bryce Babcock
Lube Technician

John Rollins
Lube Technician

Shiloh Balding
Detail Assistant

Dakoda Washer
Lube Technician

Rick Ratcliff
Lot Porter

Rick joined Rockie Williams Premier as a Lot Porter in March 2019. He is relatively new to the automotive industry. After retirement, a friend suggested he help out by delivering trade vehicles for dealers. It was that experience that prompted Rick to take seek out the role as Lot Porter. He feels right at home at Rockie Williams Premier and takes his role as Lot Porter seriously. 

Rick considers the sales team his #1 customers, and he works hard to do his part to contribute to a good car buying experience by keeping the lot neat and organized so the sales consultants can help customers find the right vehicle more quickly.  

Rick is active in his church and in his free time, he enjoys working his 30-acre farm, weekend getaways, and spending time with his wife, 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and great grandson.

"The atmosphere at Rockie Williams Premier is friendly, welcoming and courteous. I feel like I belong here."

Deanna Pillow
Service & Parts Cashier



Chris Brasil
Parts Manager

Kevin Boehms

Martin McCormack
Parts Technician


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