Buy a Car, Skip the Hassle: The Rockie Williams Difference


You’ll love the way we do business! We are a NO HAGGLE-ONE PRICE dealer. Our customer-friendly buying process ensures you always get our best price. At Rockie Williams Premier, we price our cars, not our customers!
You don't have to be a great negotiator or a professional car buyer to get a great car deal at Rockie Williams Premier. Many car dealerships price their vehicles as high as they can and negotiate down. This process favors the most experienced shoppers and means that customers often pay more for the same vehicle as other savvier customers because they don't have the negotiating skills or the time for back and forth haggling.
At Rockie Williams Premier, the price of the vehicle is the same no matter who you are. It’s always our best price up front, guaranteed. 

Our sales staff are non-commissioned, so they don’t make more if you pay more. They have no incentive to put you into a more expensive vehicle. Our goal is for you to drive home in the vehicle you want at the best price.

We have worked hard to control costs and keep our expenses low so we can price our vehicles up from our cost for as small of a profit margin as possible. Our no-haggle-one price approach is honest and fair to all customers.  We are committed to bringing you the most customer-friendly buying process in the business. Learn more about Rockie Williams Premier.
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