Five Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

By: Rockie Williams Premier


It’s easy to prepare your vehicle for safe winter driving with these five winter car care tips to keep your car running as temperatures drop. Do them as soon as you can so you’re prepared for whatever the winter weather brings. 

1. Check/replace your battery

As temperatures drop, your battery works harder to crank the engine (at 0°F it has only about half the cranking power it has as 80° F). If you have a conventional battery, you’ll want to check that the fluid level is sufficient. You can easily do this by removing the plastic caps on the top of the battery. (Check your owner’s manual for details specific to your vehicle.) If the fluid level is low, add distilled water.

For maintenance-free batteries, you can check the charge level from the window at the top of the battery.

If your battery is more than five years old or shows any signs of weakness, you should consider replacing it before it goes completely dead. You can also have your battery professionally tested at our service department or auto parts store.

2. Keep your wiper blades in good condition

Wiper blades need to be replaced more often than you might think. Even the best-performing wiper blades start to lose their effectiveness in as little as six months. You should periodically clean the rubber edge of the blade with a paper towel and glass cleaner to help extend the life your wiper blades, but when your wipers start to leave streaks or don’t evenly clear your windshield, it’s time for a replacement. Most wiper blades are easy to install and some stores will perform the replacement work for you. 

NEVER use your wipers to remove ice from your windshield. Use an ice scraper instead. If you park outside, raise the wipers overnight when snow or ice is in the forecast to keep them from freezing to the windshield. 

3. Switch to a winter blend windshield washer solution

Since you will likely be using your wipers and windshield washers more often due to dirt, mud and salt residue that’s kicked up off the road, it’s a good idea to keep your windshield-washer reservoir filled with a winter blend washer solution that contains an antifreeze agent. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions, typical windshield washer fluid can freeze to your windshield upon contact.

4. Run your A/C along with your heater

To help prevent your windshield from fogging up, run the air-conditioning system (with the temperature set at a comfortable level) to dehumidify the air. Trust us, you’ll still be warm and your windows will have less condensation. And, make sure plenty of warm air is directed onto the windshield when you use your defrost mode.

5. Check your headlights

Check that your vehicle’s lights are working properly and that the lenses are clean to ensure the best visibility at night and enable other motorists, both front and rear, to easily see you.

If you’d prefer a professional assessment, or if you need winterizing service, the service technicians at Rockie Williams Premier will ensure your car is winter ready.  Here’s a quick link to our service scheduler or you can call us at 615-288-8525.

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