Be Prepared

If you're getting an emergency roadside kit together but aren't sure what to put in it, just think about what you may need if you get stranded. You'll want to bring bottled water, nonperishable food items, and warm blankets, for starters. You will also want to pack a First-Aid kit, cell phone and charger, tow rope, a flashlight and batteries.
You will need flares or reflective triangles, jumper cables, sand, salt, or cat litter, and a collapsible shovel. Windshield washer fluid, and an ice scraper or snow brush are also handy to have. It's better to "over pack" then to not have what you need and since you never know what kind of emergency you may have or when, it's better to be "over prepared."
You should also include items that would be useful for the area that you live in or travel to. The point is to be ready.
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